The precision manufacture of the minting dies, the rapid completion of orders and the certainty of the uniqueness of the product are the strengths of I.M. International Mint, representing the best possible guarantee for all our clients.


The tokens for car-washes made by I. M. International Mint give security in their use and are difficult to counterfeit.
Our monometallic, bimetallic and tri-metallic tokens are personalised with the company logo and also often feature an image of the location of the car-wash. Personalisation can be completed by adding the address and telephone number of the business. As well as being used in the day-to-day running of the business, they also become an effective means of communication and a personalised article.

Freebies and Memorabilia

Thanks to both the ability to reproduce any logo or image on coins and tokens and to the various choices available of metals, diameters and thicknesses, we produce gifts and memorabilia for supermarkets, events, conferences, as well as for tourists and for religious festivals. Furthermore, we also produce medals and plaques for prize-giving, presentations and ceremonies, which may be for religious, cultural or social occasions, for sports events or for particular institutions or companies.


Featuring monuments, famous people and panoramic views on our medals and coins has brought our products onto counter displays and into vending machines in the most prestigious tourist destinations.